Union Square Browns Backers Viewing Location Closed The Remainder of the 2016 Season

cleveland browns fan wears paper bag over his head while ashamed of his team
Over the past 15 years I’ve helped run some of the largest Browns Backers locations in the country: Washington DC, Los Angeles and now as the President of the Union Square Browns Backers of NYC. Over that time, the Cleveland Browns have gone 82-170 and made the playoffs once (a Wildcard loss to the Steelers in 2002).

During the 2016 Cavs championship run our Backers group hosted watch parties which regularly packed 650+ rabid Cleveland fans into our New York City viewing location. When the Tribe’s Postseason push brought us to Game 7 of the World Series we had the same diehard support, topping out at 600+ supporters. Our fans were so rowdy and so awesome that Budweiser caught wind of our exploits; they reached out and filmed a nationally televised commercial to capture our CLE fandom during Game 2 of the World Series. (Sadly, this never aired since the Cubs won…. #notmychampion).

Cleveland Browns Backers in NYC celebrate the Cavs NBA Finals championship at Brother Jimmy's Union Square

During Week 1 of this NFL season we had over 300 Backers show up to support the Browns, making us one of the top 3 largest Browns Backers locations worldwide. Can you guess how many fans were in attendance Week 12 of the Browns season, a game where our opponent punted 9 times in one game yet we still managed to lose by 14 points? Twelve people.


Because the winless Cleveland Browns are a gaggle of incompetent clowns. They are an embarrassment on almost every level and are no longer watchable. They have let down their city and we the fans are tired of it.

empty cleveland browns stadium

Did you know tickets for remaining home games can be scooped up on StubHub for a paltry $2 a pop? For the price of a stadium beer, you can literally buy four tickets to watch these jokers run around like a middle school football team.

The Cleveland Browns have done nothing this season to earn our respect and certainly no longer deserve our support. Accordingly, we are officially closing our viewing site for the remainder of the season.

If you’re reading this, don’t think for a minute that your Browns fanship or your Browns Backers chapter is more diehard than our group simply because you’re going through the motions every Sunday for the next 3 weeks.

Let me be clear: this is not an act of indifference or defeatist behavior — this is an act of contempt and defiance towards the on and off-field product the Browns organization have put in front of us this season.

As always, special thanks to the wonderful staff of Brother Jimmy’s Union Square for all their hard work and support every game day. And don’t worry about the Shot Penguin —  she’s taken an early flight south for the winter.

We’ll see all you Cleveland faithful this coming April for the Cavs playoff run.

Chapter President

Browns Backers Presidents’ Weekend in Cleveland, Ohio

Our chapter President was invited to Cleveland for the annual Browns Backers Presidents’ Weekend, with representation from over 50+ chapters across the US and Canada.

Highlights from the weekend included:

  • a tour of FirstEnergy Cleveland Stadium, with on field and locker room access,
  • session with Andrew Berry, Vice President of Player Personnel, breaking down college film of WR Corey Coleman,
  • Q&A session with Browns legends Earnest Byner and Kevin Mack,
  • access to Sunday’s training camp session (with all you can eat hot dogs),
  • autograph session with the entire squad: RG3, Joe Haden, Corey Coleman, Josh Gordon, Danny Shelton, Isaiah Crowell,
  • and lastly, embarrassing kicker Travis Coons in the autograph line by telling him “he’s a handsome devil” and that he has “several marriage proposals pending from our female backers back in New York City.

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Join us every Sunday for Cleveland Browns games in New York City

Whether you’re visiting New York City for the weekend or call NYC home, come join 100+ fellow Cleveland Browns Backers every Sunday during the season at our official viewing site.

Brother Jimmy’s BBQ
116 E. 16th Street (between Park Ave & Irving Pl.)
New York, NY 10003
» Click here for Map

We have a large private room at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ by Union Square. Just head to the back of the bar and down the steps to the basement level to enter our Cleveland safe-haven, with over 8 TVs and projectors with full game-day sound (only playing the Browns), a full bar and a team of dedicated waitresses. Lots of beers on tap and great BBQ all day long. Cleveland-only specials include: half price wings, $3 Coors Light drafts and $12 Coors Light pitchers.

No reservations during the regular season – so make sure you come early if you want a table. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of standing room by the bar with TVs all around you.

Brother Jimmy's Browns Backers Union Square

More event details for Browns Backers: Week 1 vs the JETS

We’ve got more details on the weekend’s festivities, which are free to attend and open to all Browns Backers.

@ Nevada Smiths, 100 Third Avenue – btwn 12th and 13th.

  • 4pm: Ohio State vs Hawaii viewing party
  • 6pm: Browns Backers Saturday Night party, featuring Browns Alumni guest RB Johnny Davis, FanDuel prizes and raffle items


  • 9am: Tailgate at MetLife Stadium @ Lot K (more info)
    • Tailgate is FREE and OPEN to all Browns Fans. BYOB!
  • 1pm: Browns vs Jets

Tail-gate info for the Browns vs Jets, Week 1 game

Quick update on the tailgating situation: We’ll be tail-gating in Lot K!

Want to party before the game? Come join your fellow Backers in Lot K before the game from 9AM on. BYOB, so remember to bring your favorite drinks.

Driving to the game and want to set up your own area? Use the same ticket portal to buy vehicle parking permits if you plan to drive your vehicle to the stadium to tail-gate.

  1. bit.ly/brownsbackers2015 – promo code: BROWNSBACKERS15 (all caps)
  2. Click the Find Tickets button for the “Jets Parking Admission”
  3. Permits are $25 and you’ll be placed in the Orange parking sections with the other Browns Backers
  4. Get there early and park in Lot K


Browns vs Jets – Buy tickets for Week 1

The Jets organization have graciously set aside tickets for Browns Backers members for the September 13th, Week 1, at MetLife Stadium.

Here’s the link to purchase discounted tickets + discounted parking:

If anyone needs to purchase more than 8 tickets at one time, or want to make their order over the phone, they should get in touch with Luke, our friendly Jets sales rep directly at: 973-549-4831.

Inventory has been reserved in specific sections to make sure everyone sits together no matter the price point chosen:

– Section: 330 | $50 per ticket (300-level Corner)
– Section: 335 | $65 per ticket (300-level Sideline/Corner)
– Sections: 337 – 338 | $75 per ticket (300-level Prime)
– Section: 227b – 228b | $130 per ticket (Mezzanine Endzone B)
– Section: 239 | $265 per ticket (Chase/Toyota Club)

The map on the link will show the entire stadium, but when you click “find seats” it will only pull from sections allocated to Browns Backers.

jets stadium


Kicking off the 2014 Season

NYC Browns Backers 2014We’re happy to announce the Union Square Browns Backers are back for our 4th season in New York City. Come join us this Sunday, Sep 7th, at 1pm for the season opener against the terrible Pittsburgh Steelers.

We have once again secured a private room at Brother Jimmy’s BBQ to watch our beloved Cleveland Browns in what will hopefully not be another “rebuilding year.” Just head to the back of the bar, and down the steps on the left enter our Cleveland safe-haven, with over 6 TVs (only playing the Browns) and a team of dedicated waitresses.

If you haven’t already, please ‘Like’ our Facebook page to stay in the loop with Chapter news and relevant updates.